Photo by Rick Cummings;

Photo by Rick Cummings;

Weekly Vinyasa

Join Jeanette Tuesdays, 4:30-5:30 at Earth Yoga for Earth Hearts and Hips.

It has been said, “open hips equal an open heart and an open heart means a grounded life!” This session engages deep, integrative and opening hip practices. It pairs them with inspiring chest expanders, ‘spine-lengtheners’, and lower back feel-good-stabilizers!! The overall effect is… smile after smile, an open heart and grounded life!



Yoga vs. Osteoporosis. Schedule a private or semi-private session or check the workshops page for upcoming dates.

An evidence-based approach to fighting osteoporosis. Join Jeanette for a specialty workshop designed to teach the poses and sequence of the research-based Fishman Method of yoga for osteoporosis. The class will help you improve balance, posture, strength, flexibility and coordination. Practicing the poses should, over time, improve your bone density.

We will practice beginner, intermediate and classical versions of each pose to find the most effective ones for you. You will learn attention to the breath and bhandas to help deepen the practice. Props will be used to help you to deepen into each pose. You will be encouraged to practice each pose with vigor. The more muscles we recruit the better we stimulate bone growth. You will leave feeling empowered, stronger and ready to take on your day!

Photo by Rick Cummings;

Photo by Rick Cummings;

Privates and Semi-Privates

Personalized yoga sessions designed to offer more one-on one direction. This is your time to focus on specific poses or to have a private class. This may take the form of learning beginner to advanced poses or enjoying a flow or restorative class in your own home or office. Semi-privates available with 2 or more students.

Yoga for Osteoporosis Check-ins are for those participating in Dr. Fishman’s study on osteoporosis (read more at We will meet for 30-60 minutes bi-weekly to review, practice and assess your progress with the poses. Congratulations on your work to improve your bone density and to fight osteoporosis.

Restorative yoga invites you to rest in a series of poses while quieting the mind with subtle music and guided meditation. The session will refresh the parasympathetic nervous system offering a sense of calm while quieting the fight, flight and freeze mechanism of your sympathetic nervous system. Each session will be designed with your specific needs in mind. Jeanette will consider your physical ability to move between postures. Restorative yoga helps to ease side effects that come with daily stress, cancer treatment, neurologic diseases, heart disease, anxiety and depression.


Yoga-based Rehab

 Yoga can be an alternative form of exercise to practice alignment, integration and balance of the body’s movement patterns while recovering from injury. When there is injury or disease, there is often a disconnect within yourself.  Yoga-based rehab may be an adjunct to physical therapy or a stand alone program to help you gain strength and improve your function as you return to your favorite activity. Physical therapy offers an in depth knowledge of the physical structure and muscle function as it relates to movement and the affects of age and disease. Yoga teaches us to use the mind, body and breath as tools to find ease in the midst of struggle.  It can be a reminder to step back and refocus.  Jeanette offers clients an opportunity to slow down, focus their intentions and find a moment of ease or the patience to allow the body the time needed to heal. It would be my pleasure to help you return to all the things you love and enjoy.