Create a sustainable path to well being.

Body in Tune. LLC offers a blend of physical therapy and yoga designed to create alignment, balance and integration. Jeanette is a physical therapist and yoga teacher specially trained in the evidence-based Fishman Method of Yoga for Osteoporosis, vinyasa flow and anjali restorative yoga. She offers workshops, classes, privates and semi-privates . A yoga practice offers the student an opportunity to build balance, strength, posture, flexibility, and coordination. Additionally, Jeanette teaches weekly classes and yoga-based rehab privates.

One on One Attention:

Whether you are just starting out, want to deepen your practice, learn new poses or recover from injury, a private, semi-private or yoga-based rehab might be the perfect fit. Jeanette teaches with careful attention to alignment, the breath and muscle recruitment creating improved motor control and internal balance in your poses and practice.

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